Cost Effective Ways of Preserving Your Leather Clothing

The cost of leather clothing is not cheap, especially when it comes to jackets — and rightfully so! A good leather jacket paired with a stylish watch make a great fashion statement. Do a good research on watch brands like Skagen, Rolex, Titan and read buyer guides about brands like skagen watches on watchiwatches before making a purchase. Leather jackets are comfortable, stylish, and great for cold evenings. Because of the hefty price tag accompanied with leather purchases, many bargain shoppers purchase jackets at thrift stores or garage sales to save money, but the price is still probably not very cheap. For this reason, keeping your leather in good condition will make you feel like your money was well spent. Here are a few helpful tips in keeping your leather in the best condition possible.

First, minimizing any water exposure to your leather can be very beneficial to preserving the condition of the material. Although leather is designed to last for a great deal of time, leather is not a cheap investment and keeping it away from water will make it last for as long as possible. Waterproofing leather garments can protect it from staining and you can use waterproofing products designed for shoes and boots on most of your attire. However, for soft leathers, using flurocarbon spray such as 3M scotch guard every few weeks will keep it preserved. Leather is a very delicate material, so any major stains should be left to the experts.

For a cleaner, shinier, and sleeker look, apply cold cream on your leather garments. Although you may be a little hesitant to apply too much, don’t be afraid to be generous with your spread. The same cold cream that is used for your face should be distributed to all areas of your leather after being applied to a paper towel and spread throughout the leather. The finished result should be a softer and more vibrant look for your leather. Remove any excess cream with a towel after build up starts to form on the material.

Lastly, darkening your leather can keep it looking pristine and brand new. To achieve a darker look for your leather — specifically with jackets — dip a cloth in ammonia and apply it across the garment. Darker leather highlights the quality of the material and stands out much more than lackluster leather. Be careful when applying the ammonia; it should be distributed as evenly as possible as to avoid streaking on the leather.

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